Sunday, September 19, 2010


In a meme, the blogger is asked to give a list of facts about themselves. So, I'd like each of you to give a list of three things you did last weekend. Be sure to use correct spelling and capitalization.

Here's mine:
1. My husband and I went to the lake. The weather was glorious!
2. I spent time knitting, sewing, and reading which makes me happy.
3. Just for fun, I had a pedicure on Saturday morning.

Now it's your turn!


  1. 1)On Friday I sat at home and played video games
    2) Saturday was the most depresing day.My 13 year old dog died
    1)Sunday I played with my friend

  2. 1. I did my latch hooking I`m working on a monkey!
    2. I had me awesome life group on Sunday!
    3. I Played softball on Saturday morning!

  3. 1.After school I went to my sister's volleyball game and I met someone and I learned how to play volleyball.
    2.I went to our 5th grade colts game and cheered.
    3.I went to church and we did a magi box thing were you give stuff to Hondurans.

  4. 1. I went to the Lipscomb football game.
    2. I had a football game.
    3. I watch a new CSI:Miami and folded clothes

  5. 1.Went to the high school football game on Friday.2.Went to the colts football game and gave them water.3Went to a friends house and played.

  6. 1.On Friday my Dad left to go to Montana. :[

    2.And on Saturday morning I went to cheer for the

    3.On Sunday we went to my grandparents house to swim and eat dinner.

  7. 1.I went to the Lipscomb football game and met another Emmy or Emmie

    2.I went to the airport with my grandparents and picked up my great grandpa

    3.I went to the Titans football game and ran into a ton of pepole I know

  8. 1. I went to the river [it chilled me to the bone]

    2. I went to my grandmas

    3. I went to the Titans game [my brother made us leave because he said it was too hot]

  9. 1] Friday I had Ien over

    2]I also went forwelling

    3]Then I had a sleep over and went to my dads

  10. 1.I found out that I needed glasses.
    2.I got my hair done.
    3.I went to the colts football game.

  11. 1. I went to TSU Tigers game at LP Field.
    2. I worked on my Social Studies project.
    3. I watched Fred The Movie.

  12. 1)I went to the high school football game.
    2)I went to my football and made an interception.
    3)I went to church and cleaned my house.

  13. 1.) On Friday my cousins came.
    2.) On Saturday I had a soccer game.
    3.) On Sunday we visited my great grandfather. He was real funny!

  14. 1.My brothers, my dad, and I fought off hornets on Friday that came out of our grill, it was scary.
    2.My little brother, me, and my grandmother went to the Adventure Science Museum, it was really fun.
    3.My dad and I went to the Titans football game on Sunday, but they lost it was still a really good game.

  15. 1.I went to the high school football game.
    2.I got my flu shots and went to the African Street Festival.
    3.Watched Fred the movie

  16. 1. I went to the colts football game and cheered them on.
    2. I got a new phone from my parents.
    3. My parents and I saw Nanny McPhee Returns.

  17. 1.On Friday I got Halo Reach and it was great.
    2.On Saturday I cealabrated my birthday.
    3.On Sunday I got Mario Kart for WII.

  18. 1. On Friday I went to the dentist so they could make molds of my mouth. We also went to Puckett's Grocery for lunch.
    2. On Saturday it was my Paw-Paw's birthday and we had cake. It was great!
    3. On Sunday I worked on my state project.

  19. 1.On Friday I sat at home and rested all day.
    2.On Saturday I had a football game. We did really good but we lost.
    3.On Sunday I went to church and had some fun with my friends.

  20. 1.On Friday I played on the computer all day.
    2.On Saturday I slept in and went to hockey all day.
    3.On Sunday i went to church and friend came over.

  21. 1.On Friday I went shopping.
    2.On Saturday I went to the colts game and cheered them on.
    3.On Sunday I went to Church and then I worked on my state project and played my WII.

  22. 1. On Friday I worked all day. But it was worth it cause what we did on Saturday.
    2. There for Saturday I went to my grandmothers house and saw two puppy's on the floor. One was for me.
    3. The same day i went roller skating for it was my brothers ninth birthday.

  23. 1. I played with my cute little gerbils!
    2. I played lots of video games!
    3. I went to karate and practiced kicking!

  24. 1. On Friday I went to the high school football game.
    2. On Saturday I cheered at Colts game.
    3. On Sunday I played with my friends at my houseboat.

  25. 1.I went to rehearsal and got an hour of free time(rehearsal is 4 hours long) so me and one of my friend from the university went down to the high school football game.:)
    2.I planted a garden on my porch.
    3.I cheered at a game.

  26. 1. I went to rehearsal and got a hour off (rehearsal is 4 hours long every night at 7 and ends at 10)so we went to the game.
    2. I started a huge fire with my friend .
    3.I planted a garden. :)

  27. 1.Finished watching Harry Potter 5 on Sunday.
    2.Planed an ambush on the adults with my friend.
    3.On Saturday I went to Dollar Tree to put together a Magi box.

  28. 1) I went to Sweet Cece's and got Red Velvet flavored yogurt.

    2)My Mom,Dad,and I went fishing.I caught a bluegill.

    3)I went to Mellow Mushroom and had a yummy salad.

  29. 1)I went to Maryland with my Mom,it was fabulous.

    2)I played with my friends across the street. 3)I went to a restaurant called O'Charley's.

  30. 1 we had a football game on Saaturday
    2 we went to church
    3 we watched college football

  31. 1.I like to collect small toys
    2.My favorite kind of video games are combat games
    3.I also enjoy racing games

  32. 1.i went to the lipscomb varsity football game
    on friday.

    2.i had a football game on saturday.

    3.on sunday i went to church and after church i went to this magi box thing and made a magi box

  33. 1. me and my dad went to macaroni grill.
    2. i drew pictures of the joker from the dark knight.
    3. I went to the blazing hot titans football game.

  34. 1: The Colts lost 14 to 13.
    2: I went to my Grandparents house with my cousins
    3: I finished my state project on North Carolina .

  35. 1.Friday night a friend and I went to the Lipscomb High school game.

    2.On Saturday I bought Halo Reach.

    3.I went to Bad Karma Airsoft, an area where some friends of my cousins and me had a airsoft war

  36. 1.We got a camper.
    2.Played baseball in my skates.
    3.I raced my little brother,I won!

  37. 1. I went to my Mom's house and played the computer online.
    2. I went to my Dad's house and watched tv.
    3. I went to sleep

  38. 1. Friday night I went to a football game with a friend.

    2. On Saturday I went to a friend's house for dinner.

    3. On Sunday I went to a birthday party at Bad Karma airsoft range, and had a huge war.

  39. 1. I went bowling with my family.
    2. I played with my puppies.
    3. I made cupcakes for my little brother's

  40. 1.During the weekend I went to my friends house and played
    2.I had my first baseball game
    3.Last but not least I went to my grandmother's house

  41. 1.I had tennis practice at the Lipscomb tennis
    2.I went to the store with my mom.
    3.I saw my friend Rachel and we played Wii.

  42. 1.On Thursday I went to my aunts house and spent the night.

    2. I helped pick up sinor citizens and took them to them to there doctors apontment.

    3. And I went to dick's sporting goods and went home

  43. 1.I went to the pool.
    2.I went to my football game. it was fun.
    3.I watched the fred movie.That was funny.

  44. 1. First i went to a dog park with my dog and family.
    2. Watched football with my dad and all our teams won.
    3. Then we stayed home for the rest of the weekend and went shopping some.

  45. 1. I was working on my social studies project.
    2. I went to my friends house
    3. On Sunday I went to church with my family

  46. 1.We celebrated my Dad's B-Day.
    2.We went to the Lipscomb football game.
    3.We went to Grace's house for Life Group.

  47. 1. Friday after school I went over to my neighbors house and helped them prop up a slide on a tree, so when we climbed up we could get down.
    2. Saturday, I went and cheered for my Nolensville Panthers!
    3. Sunday I put posters up around my room. My favorite one is my Titans poster!

  48. 1. I went to the beauty shop and got bangs for the first time.

    2.I cheered for the Colts football game on Saturday.

    3. I started working on my state project.

  49. 1. I live with with my family my mom, Sandra, my dad, Alan, and my sister, Haley.

    2. I have a cat, Minnie, and a dog,Mabel.

    3. I play sports like,basketball, softball,volleyball,gymnastics,and I play the paino

  50. 1. I went to my lake house.
    2.Our boat got lost.
    3.Someone called us and put our boat.

  51. 1. I played outside and the weather felt great!
    2. I went to the Friday night football game.
    3. I cheered at the Colts Football game and they lost.

  52. 1.I got my Social Studies project done.
    2.I went to the Titans game and had a fun time.
    3.I played a football game against CPA.

  53. 1. I played in the colts game.
    2. Had friends over after the game.
    3. Went to the high school football game.

  54. 1. We went to Holiday World.
    2. We rode the Wildebeest.
    3. we rode the Legend

  55. I got anew trampoline on august the 22nd. It is a round trampoline and it has a huge net around it. I am also working on my project and it is almost done. I am going to go to my friend Alexa's house, and she goes to Head Middle School. I am pretty busy.

  56. 1.I went to a football game on Friday
    2.I played a football game on Saturday
    3.I went to a friends house on Saturday

  57. 1: On Friday I went to the high school football game
    2: On Saturday I played football.
    3: On Sunday I cleaned my room.

  58. 1.I went to the moives with Aryelle,my brother Emmanuel,Houson,Levi,and Macy.
    2.Then I went over to my couison house and played with her.
    3.And then we went to church the next morning and after that we went out to eat.